Like millions of other people, I recently watched a video of Joni Mitchell’s performance at the Newport Folk Festival–and it made me think about the difference between good and great podcasts.
A few shorter items that look at places where we find a lot of light, often without a lot of heat. Plus, we have some new shows!!
It seems that today podcasting is filled with a few upper class millionaires and a lot of strivers, with not much in-between them.
This person, talking about this thing, at this moment in time. Years ago, I once was asked what were the base elements of a successful podcast..and that…
Everyone has a hot take on the “talent drain” in public radio–but few see beyond the mythology and talk about the realities of what those departing are…
I didn’t say it’s LIKE social media, I mean it literally IS social media.
In the summer of 2020, we set out to make a reality podcast about dating. Since then almost everything about that project changed. Today we want to…
Public radio’s latest existential drama, along with my view into 2022, and the questions I ask when I’m listening to someone pitch a podcast idea.
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