This person, talking about this thing, at this moment in time. Years ago, I once was asked what were the base elements of a successful podcast..and that was my answer. Do I still believe that?
Everyone has a hot take on the “talent drain” in public radio–but few see beyond the mythology and talk about the realities of what those departing are…
I didn’t say it’s LIKE social media, I mean it literally IS social media.
In the summer of 2020, we set out to make a reality podcast about dating. Since then almost everything about that project changed. Today we want to…
Public radio’s latest existential drama, along with my view into 2022, and the questions I ask when I’m listening to someone pitch a podcast idea.
Public radio is experiencing an existential reckoning long in the making, but the future can be bright by keeping it simple, focused, and intentional.
The startup mantra applies beautifully to podcasting but one of your two choices should always be “good.”
I was recently invited to participate in a rapid-fire toss out of ideas at Radiodays Europe. Here is what I said.
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