Public radio is experiencing an existential reckoning long in the making, but the future can be bright by keeping it simple, focused, and intentional.
The startup mantra applies beautifully to podcasting but one of your two choices should always be “good.”
I was recently invited to participate in a rapid-fire toss out of ideas at Radiodays Europe. Here is what I said.
“How many episodes?” It’s often the first question that’s asked about a new podcast. It’s a sign of our obsession with form over function and often lim…
You think talking about feedback is boring...and it isn’t. And your content--and your career--may hinge on your ability to do it better.
The one big sign of a healthy production invitation to bring about genuine change in your organization
Apple vs. Spotify, the future of public radio, annoying things about podcasting...I asked readers for AMA-style questions, you sent them in, and I did …
“Messiahs” are rarely what we want them to be or what we think we need, but most times they just don’t show up.
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